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Banana Boat

Banana Boat Riding is an ideal water sport for families. If you are on a vacation with your loved ones and wanting to have some fun together in the Sri Lankan waters, Banana Boat Riding is the excellent choice. If you are wondering what a Banana Ride is, it is simply where your friends and family are sit atop a long air-filled banana shaped boat, which is pulled around at high speed by a motor boat. It is a safe, yet an exciting and fun filled water activity.

Jet Water Sport is always aware of their client’s wishes and will tailor the ride to meet with your requirements and make sure you feel comfortable.

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Sofa Ride , Donut Ride & Tube Ride

This is one of the most thrilling water sport experiences and an adrenalin pumping ride. Enjoy being towed behind a speedboat on a tube which races across the water and jumps the wake. It is not for the faint hearted, but our boat drivers can ‘whip it up’ or ‘calm it’ down according to suit the customer. The Negombo lagoon is the ideal place for this sport and if you are considering this for the first time we will guide you through the basics of the sport before your ride and full safety instructions will be given. If children wish to take part in this activity it can be modified accordingly.

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Jet Skiing- Lagoon or Sea

If you are a thrill seeker and you love water, then jet skiing is all for you. Also known as a personal water craft (PWC), a jet ski is nothing but an aquatic motorbike with skis attached to it to glide safely on water at a very fast pace. Skiing against the tide, letting the waves lift you and flying through the sea mist at times will equal to no other sense of exhilaration you will experience. Including a dip in the beautiful sea of Negombo Maximum 2-3 passengers depending on the weight